Art I Breathe 972. Sandales Femme


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The Art Company has developed a new technique that resides in the joining of two parts: the sole and insole. This joining system. which combines two separate pieces into one. makes shoes more comfortable and flexible. This new technology relies on three basic principles: simplify. economise and optimise. In other words. Innovation makes it easy. Through research on the composition of rubber. we have learned to enable the removal components. thereby producing an insole that is comfortable for walking. flexible and resistant to abrasion. The durability of our designs has always been a feature of the brand. We have put together comfort and durability on a single insole by combining two types of rubber (comfort rubber and performance rubber). Component of the comfort feature: Intended to accommodate the full sole. 85% of this new combination is formed from a mixture of natural rubber and recycled cork. This formulation is designed to ensure greater comfort and to provide ample protection from impact while walking. The introduction of cork reduces the weight of the shoe and improves the ventilation of the insole. Performance Components: The insole includes 60% natural rubber in its composition. in addition to cork and recycled rubber chips. To maintain optimal durability performance. the insoles include a small percentage of synthetic rubber for its more resistant components. thus increasing the life of the shoe. The top part is covered with split cowhide leather whose tanning complies with EU legislation.   Sustainable We free ourselves from prejudices of conventional forms in the manufacture of shoes. For this new project we have removed parts of the shoe which we previously thought were necessary. to create a lighter and more comfortable shoe. Reduction of Sh
Dessus: Autres Cuir
Doublure: Cuir
Matériau de semelle: Caoutchouc
Semelle intérieure amovible: false
Type de talons: Plat
Fermeture: Scratch